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Parsing, Spell-checking (orthographical and grammatical), Machine Translation (MT), Question Answering Dialogue System, Content Recognition (data mining, text attribution, text classification, text annotation), patented Automated Reasoning in Natural Language, text-to-voice-and-video (single language and bilingual) MT, etc., including efficient disambiguation of homophones and polysemous words, in context for eventual voice to voice bilingual Machine Translation.


Natural Language Text Processing since 1993

Our technology can serve as a basis to build an artificial intellect, chatbot, humanoid robot, capable of independent thinking, situation assessment and decision taking, based on Natural Language.

About us

Langsoft is a family owned, private business, first registered in 1994, specialized in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language (text) Processing software development. Natural Language is extremely difficult for programming due to the existing ambiguities on all levels: orthographical, grammatical, morphological, syntactical, semantical, pragmatical.

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