Natural Language Dialogue System

English and German QUESTION ANSWERING CHATBOTS for off-line use on a Personal Computer running Windows OS.
Nowadays, Online chatbots are used to engage the user in conversation and to provide information about your services, if the user asks what you offer. Your competitors will also know what you offer and they will soon follow suit. Your innovative services will no longer be new, because your competitors will also offer the same services and you will lose customers.
If you want to provide information to your clients about your services and if you don't want your competitors to know what you offer, our chatbot is the best solution for you. You can install the chatbot on your own computer and put it in the waiting room.
Our chatbot can not only answer questions, it can engage your customers in continuous and interesting dialogue while they are waiting.

Our Dialogue System is a clever chatbot.

Our chatbot provides probable and accurate answers to user questions. The answers are probable when the chatbot does not have sufficient information to provide an accurate answer. The dialogue with the chatbot can be continued only if the user asks something or tells something, in writing. The chatbot will not start the conversation first and will not continue the conversation by itself. The chatbot can remember also user information, if we program it for you to do so.
Our Dialogue System, a chatbot, uses our patented Automated Reasoning in Natural Language to find implicit information in Natural Language Sentences (U.S. patent 8560305 B1).

Our price is negotiable. The price depends on what the customer needs as plus.

The price of one ready-made, general purpose, chatbot is negotiable. The total price depends on the industry specific questions with their answers. The industry specific questions and their answers provides the buyer of the chatbot, with the chatbot order. We program the industry specific questions and their answers into the chatbot. The programming of the industry specific questions with their answers can take a few months. The price also depends on how many computers the chatbot will be installed. If the industry specific questions are over 100 or if the chatbot buyer needs over 100 installations, the chatbot buyer can ask us for price quote.
The price, as agreed, is payable in advance, after the chatbot order. Upon payment, the buyer receives one chatbot without industry specific questions. The additional sum is payable after the buyer receives the chatbot with the industry specific questions.
The price of the chatbot with its source code and database is negotiable. The source code compiles on Visual Studio and has over one million programming lines. The sale will be regulated with notary verified sale agreement, making the buyer exclusive owner of the chatbot with its source code and database. Possession of the source code will allow the buyer to fully customize the chatbot to his needs and keep it up to date.
Our chatbotds are based on patented Automated Reasoning in Natural Language. They compile on Visual Studio (VS). The VS project has 60 *.cpp files, 28 *.h files and over one million programming lines.

We work, publish books and develop NLP software since 1970